Believe in Better

I will teach you to run. I will teach you to run without fear of losing or giving into your anxieties because I will teach you to love and enjoy the sport while improving your running abilities and learning to compete.

My coaching philosophies are very much based upon my own experiences as a runner but have evolved to encompass my athletic education and uncompromising approach towards an athlete’s health; short-term gains cannot be obtained by conceding long-term athletic development.

I further believe in inspiring my athletes with a passion for the sport. Running can help balance the demands placed upon us by everyday life while offering a healthy outlet for self-improvement. I want my athletes to feel competent, to experience achievement and to feel a sense of community. As such my coaching techniques focus just as much on teaching my runners to enjoy the sport as teaching them the necessary techniques, form and competition mechanisms.

I want to create an environment in which the focus on mastery and improvement is instrumental to both having fun and continuing motivation. My philosophy is to give, not get. The priority is on respect for the sport as well as celebrating the opportunity to run and run well. I will celebrate improvement and recognize every challenge. I want to cheer you on this journey and applaud you at the finish line. I want you to feel the happiness and strength I feel during and after a workout.

Mostly, I want you to be inspired and to become passionate about this sport that has brought me and many other athletes so much joy.