I feel privileged to have had Dominque as my coach. Together we worked on a program to target my half marathon in Cape Cod. Though I had run the distance in other races, this one we were targeting for my PR. Coach Dominique really helped focus my training to the distance and time I hoped to achieve. She kept me motivated and focused throughout the winter months. Coach Dominque’s wealth of knowledge and experience truly helped me achieve my goals I am happy to report that I achieved my PR of 1 hour, 37 minutes, a time 15 minutes faster than my last race.

- Camille D., Montreal (Quebec)

After a beginner's program coached by Dominique, I knew I was hooked on running.  I continued with her to improve my stamina and do longer distances.  Gradually over time, she was able to guide me from a 5k, to a 10k and then a half marathon.  Not only did I improve my endurance but she helped keep me injury free. 

Dominique’s passion for the sport comes through when she coaches.  She is always researching and shares what she learns. Whether you are looking to do a workout, race or a  long run she provides tips on completing them successfully. She listens to your interests and customizes the coaching to help you achieve your own personal goals, whatever they are. 

Most important she reminds you to keep it fun!  She encourages you to be consistent and get out, rain or shine, do your best, but remember to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and camaraderie of fellow runners as you do. Thanks to her, running is now part of my regular routine, it keeps me feeling healthy and spirited and brings me great joy.

- L.D., Washington Twp. NJ

I was a seasoned runner who at first was sceptic about working with a coach. However, Coach Dom  completely changed my view about this.  First, she is very understanding of one’s needs and goals.  With her help I managed to achieve my goal, which was to earn a Boston Qualifier.  We did it.  She put together a program that worked around my busy schedule and allowed flexibility in her program.  Her emphasis in varying the training courses and terrains, notably for the long runs, prepare you both mentally and physically for the challenge. She is also unique in looking into other important aspects for an athlete, giving tips on nutrition and working core exercises.  I achieved my goal and BQ’ed.  In fact, I exceeded my goal earning a qualifying time 20 minutes better than my needed good-for-age. That improvement can only be attributed to the realistic program and advice prescribed by Coach Dominique.

- Charles D.

I am not a natural athlete.  I was never very good at sport.  When I came to Coach Dominique I had no running experience at all and I didn’t even know if I would like it.

Dominique has a very structured, measured and friendly approach to running – and that provided not only a strong foundation for me, but it allowed me to experience the joy of running.

Her ongoing combination of encouragement and accountability makes the goal all that more attainable.  Every step of the way Dominique is there to share and celebrate in your personal victories, and to put you back on the path if you have a miss.

This will be my 3rd year running – and although I am still a novice, I am a healthier, happier version of myself – a new self who absolutely loves to run – all thanks to Coach Dominique. 

- T.B., Upper Saddle River NJ

 Sasha started to train with Dominique to get in a better shape for her Lacrosse game.  She never liked running.  Dominique brought out hidden talents was able to awaken Sasha's passion for running that she didn't even know she had!  

She runs almost every day now and is going to a running sleep away camp this summer.  Dominique's approach made Sasha not only improve her Lacrosse game tremendously but also discover a new love for running.  

She is the best coach ever and as a parent herself was able to coach my daughter in the ways that transformed her not only skills but life overall.

M.N., Ridgewood NJ